Theoretical Knowledge Course for Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)

Kurs teorijske obuke za dozvolu transportnog pilota aviona (ATPL)

Резултат слика за airliner

If you wish to enroll to our online ATPL-EN  theoretical training course using PayPal payment system, this it the place where you should start.

Course price is 2595 EUR and you must finish your course in 36 months.

At least 10% of classes for each subject must be taken in classroom. You will be informed whenever we organize classes for students participating in distance learning.

Final ATO exams for all subjects will be in our classroom.

As soon as we receive you payment you will be enroled to:

Airline Transport Pilot (airplane) theoretical knowledge course in English language.

Course consist of 14 subjects:

  1. Air Law
  2. Airframes and systems
  3. Electrics and Electronics
  4. Powerplant
  5. Instrumentation
  6. Mass and Balance and Performance
  7. Flight Planing and Monitoring
  8. Human Performance and Limitations
  9. Meteorology
  10. General Navigation
  11. Radio Navigation
  12. Operational Procedures
  13. Principles of Flight
  14. Communications